Founder Biography


1980 was the year Mr. Low Kim Seng first stepped into the foodstuffs industry. He was a wholesaler who was distributing manufacturers’ food products to restaurants. During these early years, although his business was generally good, he constantly faced a recurring problem. The quality and supply of sesame oils were inconsistent when he made big orders.

This inconsistency made it difficult for him to keep his clients happy. But in this undesirable situation, he also saw a business opportunity—which is to manufacture his own brand of sesame oil. He envisioned producing better quality sesame oils and supplying them consistently to consumers and businesses.

His vision turned into a reality in 1982.

That year, he established Low Seat Hoon Sesame Oil Food Industry Sdn Bhd. For this venture, he bought a 4,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. He also invested in a German-made machine that extracted sesame oil faster and cleaner compared to conventional methods. With all these in place, his first product, Marathon Globe Brand 100% Pure Black Sesame Oil, was born.

With each passing year, his business grew. To cater to the increase in demand, he relocated to a 55,000 sq. ft. factory at Muar, Johor, in 1990. Then, he opened a trading factory at Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, to facilitate the distribution of goods nationwide.

Mr. Low runs his business based on 3 promises:

  • He promises to uphold the safety, quality and hygiene of products at all times
  • He promises to deliver goods timely and consistently
  • He promises to work with business partners towards win-win outcomes

Today, his sesame oil business is powered by 12 of the German-made machines. His factories now also produce handmade vermicelli and Sarawak pepper powders.